Getting Started

Who is Openstoreng for?

Openstoreng is for store and business owners that wants to reach out to more customers in real time and make their products avaialbel in 24/7.

How do I create my own store on Openstoreng?

You can create your own store in just 3 steps.

  1. Create an account here
  2. Login to your account and enter your subdomain name
  3. Click on My Store to start uploading products to your website.
  4. Click settings, and activate your website to go LIVE


Can I have integrate online payment to my store?

Yes. Using the request link on your dashboard, you can get in touch with us to integrate an online payment gateway to your store for a token of ₦10,000

How does integration works?

Create an account on Paystack or Flutterwave.

After your account has been activated, send us the API key given to you by either of the above via email indicating which of the payment gateway provider you registered with.

Can I upload unlimited product on my Freemium account?

Currently we are giving our users unlimited access to upload as many product they want on their store.

Can I promote any of my item via the store?

Yes. Using the promote icon beside each item, you can easily promote your products.

Pricing Plans

How much does it cost to have a subdomain?

Having a subdomain on open storeng is free.